Awards and References - Hotel Elizabeth Trenčín

Awards and References

Awards and References

Tiago Vigano, hotel director of Hotel Elizabeth **** named Hotelier of the year 2018

How do you feel about being awarded? Does being Hotelier of the year have a special meaning for you?

Of course, this means a lot to me. I come from Brazil and have been in Slovakia only for about 10 years, so it was quite a big surprise. However, this is a good example of the old saying – if you work hard and if you put your heart and passion into doing what you love, you can achieve great things. Big “thank you” goes to my team, which makes our hotel operate like a clockwork. I have been presented with this prestigious award thanks to their effort and I would like to share this award with the entire hotel.
Hotel Elizabeth - Hotelier of the year 2018
Hotel Elizabeth - Hotelier of the year 2018

Hotel Elizabeth named Slovakia’s Best City Hotel of 2018

The award for the Best City Hotel in the country was handed to Ján Svoboda, the managing director of Hotel Elizabeth in Trenčín, by Marinique De Wet, the founder of Haute Grandier.

This award, especially in such a strong global brand competition, is a great advertisement not only for the city of Trenčín but also for the whole of Slovakia, a destination that deserves to be visited. The award is a good indicator that Slovakia is able to offer variety of high-quality hotels with corresponding quality of their services
said Ján Svoboda upon receiving the award
Hotel Elizabeth - Slovakia’s Best City Hotel of 2018
Hotel Elizabeth - Slovakia’s Best City Hotel of 2018

Hotel Elizabeth excels at World Luxury Awards 2016

The awards ceremony held in Doha, Qatar on the last Saturday of October 2016 was dedicated to honoring the best hotels in the world. Trenčín’s Hotel Elizabeth, the winner of many national and European awards, such as Hotelier of the year 2016, Best City Historic Hotel 2016, and Best Customer Care Historic Hotel in Europe 2015, was among the contestants.

Hotel Elizabeth managed to turn the nomination into a prestigious award and won in the best Regional Romantic Hotel category of the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016. Based on a three-round vote of hotel guests from all over the world and an official committee, Hotel Elizabeth has scooped the first place, beating more than 600 hotels.

The award was collected by Ján Svoboda, managing director of Hotel Elizabeth, during the awarding ceremony in Doha.

This award represents a symbolic pinnacle of our presence in the hospitality industry, as we have already achieved successes at both national and European level. Of course, this doesn’t mean that our mission has ended. We will strive to develop a new era of high-quality services and innovations in our product portfolio. This award also indicates, that even a relatively small country such as Slovakia is able to compete with more “traditional” destinations in terms of the quality of the services provided
World Luxury Awards trophy
World Luxury Awards trophy

A big day for Hotel Elizabeth and for Slovakia’s hotel industry

After a series of mostly negative news arriving from France, there is finally a positive one. The Historic Hotels of Europe awards ceremony which took place at Chateau de l’Epinay castle in France saw the awards given to the best historical hotels of Europe for 2016. The results were based on the vote of hotel guests from all over the world in 10 categories, while more than 500 hotels were nominated. Some of Slovakia’s historic hotels were also among the nominated contestants. The Historic Hotels of Europe Award represents the most prestigious award that a historic hotel can be granted.

Slovakia saw two hotels nominated – Grandhotel Praha Tatranská Lomnica finished third in the Best Historic Spa Hotel of Europe category, and Trenčín’s Hotel Elizabeth brought home three awards – a third place in the Best Customer Care Historic Hotel of Europe category and a fourth place in the Best Adventure Historic Hotel of Europe category, thanks to the hotel’s historical medieval feasts at the Trenčín Castle. The most prized award for Hotel Elizabeth was the first place in the Best Historic City Hotel of Europe category. This is truly great news not only for the city of Trenčín, but also for Slovakia which can pride itself on the quality of hotels and hospitality services. This award was presented to Tiago Locatelli Vigano, Hotel Elizabeth’s hotel director, who was joined in celebration by the president of the Historic Hotels of Slovakia Association, Ján Svoboda.

This award represents the hard work of our team but also of the architects, who skillfully crafted a new face for our hotel while keeping a firm grasp of the historical architectural heritage of the building. Our clients are able to enjoy both high-quality service and perfectly crafted hotel ambience
added Tiago Locatelli Vigano, hotel director of Hotel Elizabeth
Historic Hotels of Europe
Historic Hotels of Europe

Ján Svoboda expressed his satisfaction of the fact that Hotel Elizabeth managed to be awarded in two consecutive years. Last year it dominated as the Best Customer Care Historic Hotel of Europe and this year as the Best Historic City Hotel of Europe

The Historic Hotels of Europe awards are even more prestigious than, for example, the Michelin Stars. Each year, only 10 hotels are awarded and if a hotel manages to take first place for two consecutive years, it is a hallmark of quality and professionality
concluded Ján Svoboda, president of the Historic Hotels of Slovakia Association

Hotel Elizabeth awarded Slovakia’s Best City Hotel prize

The ratings of Slovakia’s hotels have been published today by the prominent TREND economic and business weekly. The recently renovated and reopened Hotel Elizabeth is among the top hotels. In the Best Hotels of Slovakia category, Hotel Elizabeth secured the 11th place, while competing with 5-star hotels. In a separate 4-star-hotel category, Hotel Elizabeth landed on the 6th place and also took 7th place in the TOP Customer Value category. The biggest achievement for Hotel Elizabeth is the first place in the Best City Hotel of Slovakia category.

We are very honored by the reviews of the expert committee of TREND weekly. Even though the hotel has been operating for only a few months, we are were happy to see that our high-quality standards have met the expectations of our clients, and we want to thank them for their loyalty
Ján Svoboda, general manager of Hotel Elizabeth
Historic Hotels of Europe
Hotel Elizabeth

The best historical hotel of Europe of 2015

Trenčín’s Hotel Elizabeth hosted today’s ceremony which saw awarded the best historical hotels of Europe. Hotel Elizabeth was among the contestants and managed to secure first place in one of the categories. Hotel guests from all around the world selected Hotel Elizabeth for its exceptional customer service.

We are very pleasantly surprised by this award. It is a great honor for our hotel and for Slovakia. This is one more step in our effort of overcoming prejudice and cultural barriers connected with customer services in Slovakia
declared Ján Svoboda, director of Hotel Elizabeth and president of the Historic

By being awarded, Hotel Elizabeth demonstrated its capability to deliver high-quality customer service, comfort and culinary experience

The year 2012, when the hotel was successfully renovated, has witnessed a significant change not only for the hotel itself, but for the city of Trenčín, its culture and people. We are very proud of Hotel Elizabeth and are happy that it represents the city of Trenčín in the world
added Richard Rybníček, mayor of Trenčín

The awards ceremony was attended by numerous guests from Europe who unequivocally agreed that there is a need for protection of historical hotels in a way that they would preserve the historical values for future generations.

The number of nominations this year exceeded our expectations which is a great honor for us. Each of the selected historical hotels is different, has a unique soul and an extraordinary story behind it. We value every one of them
said Barbara Avdis, chairwoman of the Historic Hotels of Europe
Historic Hotels of Europe
Hotel Elizabeth

Hotel Elizabeth is a legend of Slovakia’s hotel industry. The hotel was built in 1902 in the Secessionist architectural style and was successfully renovated in 2012. The process took two years and about 15 million euros, of which 3.9 million was funded by the European Union. Shortly after, it was renamed from Hotel Tatra to Hotel Elizabeth. Since its reopening, it has hosted numerous prominent guests, including presidents, government officials and other VIPs of the world of music and sports. The hotel offers a unique cultural experience and thanks to its beautiful setting, it provides a great possibility of exploring both nature and history – an example of this is the Roman inscription on the rock below the Trenčín Castle from 179 AD.

Hotel Elizabeth