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Fully air conditioned congress hall is equiped by state of the art conference technology, sound system with microphone, data projector, wide projecting screen, translation equipment. Conference facilities are designed to accommodated conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings, as well as receptions and social events.

Complete conference service to your satisfaction.
Conference premises of the hotel with WiFi connection include:

• Congress hall with maximum capacity 180 people
• 6 hotel lounges with maximum capacity 165 people

Our complete conference service includes:

• Secretary services
• Translation technology and translation services
• Conference catering
• Hostesses
• Souvenirs
• Accompanying program - social or relaxation

Types of seating arrangements in conference premises:

Congress hall 60 120 80 96 120 180
Congress hall A 34 52 34 48 60 80
Congress hall B 34 52 34 48 60 80
Café - - - 100 - 110
Salon I 22 32 20 40 30 50
Salon II 22 32 20 40 30 50
Salon Hubert - - 12 - - -
Salon Primátor - - 16 - - -
Salon President - - 16 - - -

Conference rooms dimensions

Congress hall 25 x 8 m Salon II 8 x 6,5 m
Congress hall A 12 x 8 m Salon Hubert 5,5 x 6,5 m
Congress hall B 12 x 8 m Salon Primátor 7 x 5 m
Café 27,8 x 8 m Salon President 7 x 5 m
Salon 1 8 x 6,5 m

Our tip
Unusual conference in Trenčín Castle - Barboras palace

Contacts and reservations

For further information, please contact our colleagues by telephone:

+421 32 6506 111

or by e-mail:

Historical feast

Immerse yourself into the world of medieval action, where none of the scruples had mattered. You will witness the hassles, fights and maybe you will become the live target of the real knife thrower.

More about Historical feast

Enjoy with us the historical evening with period feast in the spaces of the Trenčín castle. It is our sought-after additional program offered for conferences, business meetings with partners and clients. The guards in period costumes will guide you from the hotel to the Trenčín castle, where you will be welcomed with a good drink and your medieval evening may commence...

Historical plays

For children as well as adults, we offer the option of interactive entertainment inspired by events at medieval castles. We also have a mobile period shooting range, where everyone can try out the archery, crossbow shooting as well as firearms.


If you take part in the historical games, the best of you will be knighted according to the period practices, as the knights of the lord, as it used to be in the past. Also, if you want to surprise or reward someone and present them with a prize, you have the opportunity to do it this unusual and interesting way.

Fire show

We offer an interesting fire show with great variability, suitable for interior as well as exterior setting (fakirs, fire eaters, jugglers, fire magic, belly dancers and a dancer), as well as fireworks production.

Belly dancers

We will brighten the games and competitions with performances of fire eaters and choreography of belly dancers.


We offer a number of teambuilding events from the historical and contemporary environment.
Contact us for more information.