Deluxe room offers a perfect blend of comfort and a long-standing tradition of the hotel. You will surely enjoy beautiful views right of the Trenčín Castle.
25 m2
Castle view

Find the comfort you long for in the Deluxe type room, where history meets the modern as well as first-class service and facilities. Give in to the temptation of the direct view of the Trenčín Castle, which is the greatest benefit of the beautiful Deluxe double room. Indulge in relaxing in the fragrant duvet, in a superior bed where you will dream the most beautiful dreams. Unique accommodation only a stone's throw from the historical city centre will win your favour by its comfort and sense for detail.

Let us fulfil all your expectations to the full. Stay in our Deluxe room and take away the greatest souvenir in the form of memories that will stay with you forever. Experience an unforgettable stay with us directly below one of the most beautiful castles of Slovakia.