The Trenčín region offers many attractive hiking trails

The Trenčín region offers a number of routes for tourists that are not too difficult, not too long and are well accessible both in summer and winter. You can reach most of them by car or bus and many of them are suitable for cycling or cross-country skiing.

Interesting places in the region:

  • Malá and Veľká Skalka at Trenčín - Follow in the footsteps of the Benedictine monks at the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia.
  • Považský Inovec - The highest peak of the Trenčín region, visited by tourists in any weather. The main point of interest of a longer walk usually is the 22-meter high sightseeing tower as well as pleasant refreshment with tasty meal at the Inovecká Cottage.
  • The Cliffs of Vršatec and Vršatec Castle ruins - The Cliffs of Vršatec are a mighty limestone massif, which is a strong natural dominant of the central Váh Valley. They are unmissable, visible from afar.
  • Malý Jelenec sightseeing tower - An opportunity to look around from above at the surrounding beauty of White Carpathians, Považský Inovec, Strážov Mountains.
  • Romanesque Church in Haluzice - An unforgettable place with a unique atmosphere in a small village of Haluzice in Bošácka valley.
  • Uhliská Homestead - A great place for spending free time among animals in the fresh air. And if you are also looking for some home cooking, this is just the right place.
  • Dúbravka sightseeing tower - A fairy-tale tower reminiscent of a church with a steeple, offering you the perfect views.
  • Králikov mlyn - Do you know how they used to grind flour in the past? Take a look inside the Králik Mill in Nemšová, which belongs to the few well preserved ones in the Trenčín region. Even if it is more than 200 years old, there are still the original milling machines and equipment.