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The classic massage deeply works on the muscle tissue as well as on the joints to release tension from deep within. With a wide and varied range of techniques, this treatment activates blood and lymphatic circulation bringing oxygen to the body all the while promoting the elimination of toxins. This massage is sure to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.


This deeply relaxing massage relieves the tensions of everyday stress. The wide range of its benefits includes fatigue relief, migraine alleviation, helps with insomnia and even encourages hair growth. Scalp massage is believed to help our system regain balance by reducing tension, anxiety and stress and also by stimulating blood flow and the lymphatic system. The combination of warm oil and various massage techniques will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.


Referred to as “The Sister of Acupressure” this specialized massage is concentrated on the reflex zones of the feet which are directly linked to their respective internal organs. Reflexology massage in general is designed to determine and pinpoint the areas of the body and its system where energy stagnates – it will then target to treat the diagnosed problematic area/organ. This therapy is recommended for relieving headaches and migraines, various types of pain and tension, indigestion, as well as treating many other health ailments.


Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the circulatory system to rid the body of harmful substances and toxic buildup via the lymphatic system. The technique used during this treatment is also very effective in relieving swelling and leg fatigue. From a cosmetic point of view, this massage is sought after for cellulite prevention, body sculpting and improvement of skin elasticity.


Celotelová olejová masáž za použitia pravých lávových kameňov zbieraných z riek v okolí sopiek v Južnej Amerike. Táto masáž využíva prírodnú silu. Kamene prehrievajú, energetizujú svaly, meridiány a reflexné zóny, pomocou energie z hlbín zeme. Masáž lávovými kameňmi je ideálna pri napätí, bolesti svalstva po cvičení, práci, no aj pri dlhodobom sedení v jednej strnulej polohe.


This massage is also called “The Pearl of all Massages” as it is a special relaxing massage where unique Hawaiian techniques combined with selected essential oils are used to send you into a deep and peaceful state of relaxation. The long continuous flowing strokes using fingers, palms, elbows and primarily forearms will press away your stress and tension leaving you submerged in relaxation. You will feel energized as blood and lymphoid flows are increased all the while your system is stimulated to expel toxins from the body.


Our honey massage is the perfect therapy to detoxify the body and help it rid of toxins that build up on a daily basis as honey stimulates the elimination of accumulated residues in our internal organs from pollution, food and medication. The healing power of our special honey penetrates deeply into the skin through the pores leaving the skin and body feeling deeply cleansed.


Our aromatherapy massage is a combination of classic massage and powerful aromatherapy. We use only 100% pure natural essential oils extracted from healing plants and herbs. Gentle yet powerful strokes and the potent scent of essential oils will caress and stimulate all of your senses. This massage eases tension, relieves stress, all the while calming your nervous system and allowing your mind to unwind.

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Exotic tour of 4 islands of French Polynesia. 4 steps of maximum relax and sensuality. Surrender to the scent of vanilla, coconut and relax your body in the lagoon bath, indulging in the Mahana massage born from the Polynesian culture, using the Monoi oil and heated Tuiponos pouches, as well as coconut fibre peeling.

1. Stop at the Taháa vanilla island
exotic peeling with the scent of vanilla and coconut.

2. Stop at the Manihi lagoon island
where the body will relax in the lagoon bath providing extremely endless relaxation thanks to effervescent tablets.

3. Stop at the Bora Bora white sand island
Mahana massage – efficient massage treating the muscles to the deep, made with the Manoi oil and Tuiponos pouches.

4. Last stop: island Baiatea
the tour ends on the sacred Baiatea island – the body is cleaned, hydrated and relaxed. Final step is to strengthen it with the perfect touch of the sacred oil leaving fine glitter on the body.

Integrative slimming ritual

Nourishing Cold Cream Marine ritual