The Zelená žaba swimming pool resort is a unique functionalist work

The former pride of Trenčianske Teplice - the Zelená Žaba (Green Frog) swimming pool resort is accessible by a 15-minute car drive from Hotel Elizabeth. Thanks to the demanding and delicate reconstruction, this architectural gem of the interwar period can serve next generations and thus follow up to the period when it belonged to the famous and sought-after localities of Slovak tourism.

The area is adapted for all visitors, from the youngest ones to seniors. There is something for everyone, with a range of relaxing activities according to everyone's ideas. The resort offers a 33m long swimming pool as well as a multifunctional playground, outdoor bowling lanes, children's swimming pool. There is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the whole valley of the spa and thermal town of Trenčianske Teplice. You can also find a grill and snack bars here, where the staff will be happy to prepare tasty meals for you in no time.

The most demanding clients preferring intimate setting can use the separate VIP zone with two whirlpools, enjoying the extra care by the staff.

The unique sauna world located in a pleasant forest environment is the resort's exclusive feature. It consists of 4 outdoor saunas, a cooling pool, whirlpool and changing rooms. This part of the resort is connected to the pleasant hiking routes with amazing and charming view of the whole area and the valley.

For more information see https://www.kupelezelenazaba.sk/